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Web posts

Our participants are set up into 5 groups in which they do different tasks every day. The tasks are energisers, web page, taking care of the room, contribution to local community and presentation of inclusion in real life. As web page is one of the daily tasks we will post the result on this pages.


Saturday, 12. 10. 2013, 

The best of today!
Something funny!
It was a wonderful day!
We made great posters!
Our great hosts!



Sunday, 13.10.2013

Team Shine sent us a pdf document that you can download and read:


Monday, 14.10.2013

Waking up not as always.Waking up early in another place ,in another way of living .
Running to be on time for a new beggining.Its not far away from our hotel ,but it looked a life far. I had time to think not for myself this time ,i had time to think for anyone else except myself.
With the stop of our car,stopped my thoughts and began reality .
I was confussed and little bit stressed but after that seen that gallery full with happily and smileing people ,the sun raised again and i felt i could do something ,something that would make me feel human.Couldent understand everything ,because language barrier but happiness is global ,and for me was enaugh to be sure that everything was going on right direction.
But the only thing i couldent understand was , why we think we are different ?
Why we think we are alone?
Why we dont work together for better way of living ?
We should feed the happiness .
We should be part of this society not only phisically ,but mentally and spiritually
Being sensitive sometimes it makes things easier exspecially when spirituallity comes in life
,but it wasent so easy ,as these words i put in paper .If you want to grow happiness , you must work hard ,but in the end price it worth.
Thats what happen with me .
Another feeling have been activated , and it was first time i felt different ,and i really felt that i really could do something for humanity.
Everithing starts with a feeling ,then following it its the beggining of the new change If we work all together in good and in bad times we can and we will change the world.......
The solution is on you ,find it and contribute in our society....
Dont waste it,because someone is looking for that you have inside...Live and love ,and leave others to do the same thing...............

Tuesday, 15.10.2013

Community Spirit
Today we was welcomed into the local community of a neighbouring village. We heard stories from their local history, listened to music from a child from the primary school and tried local beverages and foods. There is a great sense of pride for nature and what it can give us. All the products shown to us had a purpose; such as cream for cuts/dry skin, juice for a sore throat and so on.
We were made so welcome by the residents and it was an uplifting experience; one that many of us will not forget in a hurry.
After a shot or 2 of local wine (STRONG WINE!!!!) we made our way along the water path; taking in some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.
Whilst in the forest, we were reminded of a story that was told to us at the beginning of our trip. For some of us, we still did not understand the true meaning behind this story until we had time to reflect later on in the evening. The moral of this story was that many people within society can and are excluded from our communities, we need to ensure that we reach out to these individuals or groups and support them the best we can.
We had lunch at a local fishing centre….For some of us, this was the first time we fished and actually caught something (Wahoooooo)
Our day finished on a high. We celebrated the birthday of one our team … Infact, one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Faruk!! This one is for you 





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